hmm, shopping mall on the way to the convention center? Detour, anyone?

Currently 85, partly cloudy.

Saw the Peabody Ducks today, pictures to be posted soon. (So I like ducks, sue me).

News of the real world (da Pope, of course):

Subject: Dress code and bag call for Rome
Dress for the funeral mass in Italy
Women must wear a skirt (no pants); men and women must wear dark shoes only
– no tennis shoes allowed.
Men must wear dark business suit and tie; women should wear a dark suit
with skirt at knee or below the knee level and may choose to wear the
traditional mantilla, though this is not obligatory.

Quick, someone make sure that Dick Cheney gets this memo.


2 Responses to distractions..

  1. Sylvana says:

    I love those ducks! I have never been there in person but I think they are so cool. They use the elevator, don’t they?

  2. anna says:

    also the pope in that santa claus costume.

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