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Famous people sightings for today: Big Tobacco (American Legacy, DNC, and head organizer of Operation Feliz Cumpleanos) is speaking to the junior class at The Madeira School about life on The Hill. Also in attendance, Elizabet h Rittenhouse Pepe Heilig II (Sen. Petey Pablo R-NM).

First lady rules out run on ‘Tonight Show’ – since when the hell was she even a consideration?

MSN Health & Fitness – Is Your Town Down?
Looks like the ATL could use some Zoloft. Then again, we wouldn’t want to promote any more excuses to kill people. hmm.

Most expensive zip codes – surprisingly, the most famous zip code – 90210 – didn’t register til #15.

I have severely underestimated the style-intelligence of my surroundings.. but then again, I’m usually the only one not wearing windpants on a regular basis. But everyone would agree with me, scrunchies were cool in what, 7th grade? (read: most definitely not anymore)


One Response to post. founders.

  1. J says:

    The 07078 didn’t clock in until #54.

    That is not the Short Hills way.

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