thinning the closet..

In the spirit of my attempt to thin out my ever expansive wardrobe, addressing the tshirt issue is almost as difficult as giving up polo shirts.

Jim Caple: Make some room by following these 10 simple rules.

1. If it was a giveaway T-shirt and the sponsor’s name is larger than the team’s, throw it out.

2. If it’s a league championship T-shirt but your team wound up getting swept in the World Series, throw it out.

3. If there are so many yellowish sweat stains that it makes you look like you won the Tour de France, throw it out.

4. Use some discretion. Set a maximum of five shirts per college conference.

5. Show some restraint. If you already have a sweatshirt, cap or replica jersey from a particular college, toss the T-shirt. (Naturally, your alma mater is exempt.)

6. Only one T-shirt per Olympics. So make it a good one.

7. If your wife says, “Oh, I like that one. Can I wear it?”, immediately become suspicious and consider burning it.

8. If Mike Krzyzewski coaches the team, definitely burn it.

9. If you haven’t worn the T-shirt for more than 10 years, check the price on eBay and transfer it to your safe deposit box.

10. And finally, after five years, you can only keep one shirt from a championship season. Page 2 : Heaven is a T-shirt


One Response to thinning the closet..

  1. Sylvana says:

    I especially like 7 & 9. Very funny.

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