el. presidente.

We never get why conservatives hate the idea of politically active celebrities so much. After all, what better way to ensure a limited federal government than by installing a self-absorbed superstar in the Oval Office? Case in point, Jennifer Lopez. “If you ask me, I’d like to become the first female president. That would be really cool,” she recently told a German mag. Her main objective if she lands the gig? “The first thing I would do is redecorate…it doesn’t look very cozy.”
[President Lopez]

If anyone wants to bid on the walk on Alias role for me, I would be forever in your debt.

Bad news: I am progressively going blind. I blame my heartless and blind mother and her stupid gene pool.
MommyPrey: hey, i’ll buy you a white cane when you need it

Good news: my iPod has shipped, and we have another end of the year celebration = free food and diet coke. yessss.


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