we’re not snobs.. we’re just better than you

Villanova, where getting dressed is the most important decision of the day..

Walking through campus at this time of year, as summer quickly approaches and winter vanishes from our memories, the amount of pastel and polo that can be found is somewhat overwhelming. Villanova is a school where preppier definitely means better. The more something costs, the more likely your fellow students will be wearing it. And the more your outfit looks like something that would be worn at a country club or a convention for the fashionably trite, the more likely the girl sitting next to you in ethics will be wearing it as well.

Although your roommate’s pleated skirt is possibly a lighter shade a pacific or maybe even a brighter version of canary than yours, you are more than likely to own many of the same articles of over priced spring fashions as her. Oh, and for all you non- JCrew shoppers, in layman’s terms, pacific is what the rest of us commonly call blue, and canary is a preppier word for yellow. You might not realize it during the winter, but once there is even the slightest hint that spring is on its way; signified with people beginning to put away their Burberry scarves and Ugg boots, it is clear that Villanova is a place where preppy and conservative dominate and Ralph Lauren, Lily Pullitzer and Vera Bradley are hailed as gods. By the last weeks of March the girls are ironing their favorite plaid capris and the guys begin to dust off their pinkest polos.

Don’t be surprised if nine out of every ten shirts have their collars popped up and three out of five guys wear pink, or as Banana Republic prefers to call it camellia, more than once a week. One of the biggest mysteries at Villanova is how the guys manage to pull off a pale pink better than the girls do or at least what they like to think they do. Also, Villanova is probably the only place on earth where any pair of jeans less than one hundred fifty dollars is considered a bargain and paying less than two hundred dollars for your school bag means you probably aren’t buying the right kind. An easy way to figure this out would be to read the label. If you’re trying to fit into the Villanova mold I would highly recommend sticking with the names Coach, Dooney and Bourke, Prada, Louis Vuitton, or Vera Bradley for all your bag needs. Anything else would put you at risk as appearing unfashionable and no true Villanovan would ever want to do that.

I am sure than many Villanova students would agree when I say that here: getting dressed is the most important decision of the day. If you aren’t up on the latest spring styles and haven’t consulted the monthly edition of Vogue or whichever is your fashion guide of choice, I would recommend doing so before you leave your dorm tomorrow morning. So starch your collars, tie your ribbons in your hair, put on your pearls (both your earrings and necklace) and make sure your Seven jeans are tight enough because tomorrow is another day and at Villanova someone, most likely sporting perfectly coordinated flip flops and a belt, is always watching.

Vanillanova – We’re not snobs, we’re just better than you.

3 Responses to we’re not snobs.. we’re just better than you

  1. kathleen says:

    guess you either got denied from nova or had a really bad experience there. as an. alum….not even close to what you described.

    • dpnation says:

      Do you make a habit of commenting on 15 year old blog posts? Relax, it’s a joke. And a repost of someone else who went to VU, if you couldn’t tell by the link at the bottom.

      You think I was denied? Cute.

  2. kathleen says:

    villanova was an amazing school…both educationally and socially.

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