black. gold.

This is why I love my car. 30+MPG? I think yes.

Maverick on Oprah a la Star Wars.

Marvin Williams is coming to Atlanta! (technically the draft is tonite, but this is mass speculation)

Couldn’t have said it better myself (via Blackberry Deb’ts):

The rules of hair care are finite
1. Parting your hair down the middle
2. Poofy bangs, or very flat bangs
5. Orangey blonde hair
6. Non-usage of a straightener (even if your hair is straight!)
7. Banana clips
8. Mullet
How many times must I say it: YOU WEAR YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY. Invest in it. It is like a good pair of jeans. If your hair looks good, you look good.
Just….eww….get away from me FREAKS.

The Nation’s personal addition (see April ’05 dpisms) would have something to do with people getting highlights and then rather than keeping up with them or dying back to natural hair color, that they are just grown out millimeter by millimeter. gag.
PS hair straighteners are a godsend.

T-minus ONE day until the chaos of IKEA erupts in my neighborhood. Sadly, I am not camping out, but I got over it as soon as I realized there were people there taking a week off in order to do so. I thought I was a little overly excited about it, but seriously, I think I value my job security a little more than hanging in a parking lot for a week.. sigh. Hey at least I already have one of those chair sets they’re giving away to the first 100!
Also did you know.. the Atlanta Ikea is the 3rd largest in the states, first store in the south, and the first in the world to sell grits and sweet tea!


2 Responses to black. gold.

  1. J says:

    Marvin Williams is a beast, I tell you. And seriously, he has the goofiest voice that a 6′ 9″ guy could have.

    Also, his Hummer is tight. I tried to cut him off, but there was too much traffic.

    Rumor has it that he gave it back to the dealership, though.

  2. J says:

    Rashad McCants tapping David Stern on the shoulder was the greatest fucking moment of the night.

    Why did he not make the diamond hand gesture? Or did he do it, and I missed it?

    Tar! Heels! Tar! Heels!

    Yeah, what’s up, I’m a season ticket holder now, biatch.

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