air. p rey.

J, who will be working for Nike sometime soon (that is if the Lacoste thing doesn’t work out)..

jechee: Just wait for the Villanova throwback DP singlet thing.
jechee: And then the urban warrior camoflauge Villanova throwback DP jersey.

SPOON10: i want my own shoe too
jechee: You got it.
jechee: Air P rey.
jechee: That shoe would market itself.
jechee: You know how some shoes are for pronators and stuff?
jechee: Yours would be for prep school girls.
SPOON10: monogrammed
SPOON10: and argyle
jechee: “Just p rey it.”
SPOON10: it’s brilliant
jechee: Seersucker!
jechee: S e e r s u c k e r !

and a milestone..

SPOON10: i just realized today is my half birfday!
jechee: Ha Birth!


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