public. urination.

This picture of Matt LeBlanc peeing in public has me a little confused. I never took Matt to be the manliest of men – since he doesn’t wrestle bears and get into bar fights with the Russian mafia – but I also didn’t expect him to own the girliest dog in America. Maybe somebody should sit him down and explain to him that Chihuahuas are only acceptable if you’re a 16-year old girl with “bitch” written across the chest of your tanktop or if you’re making an annoying commercial for Mexican food. Plus, when you’re as insanely rich as Matt is there’s really no reason to be peeing in public. If I had that kind of money I would just hire a servant to follow me around with a toilet at all times. I’d also probably buy a monkey, because I’ve always wanted a monkey. I’d give him a nice sailor costume and maybe a little miniature sword to stab people with.


One Response to public. urination.

  1. shoobie says:

    i’m just wondering who is walking who here

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