finders. fee.

Okay, is it really that difficult to find a decent man out there? Apparently it is.

The Bachelor Is Offering A Finder’s Fee
“The Bachelor” is searching for America’s most eligible man. In the eighth season of the popular reality romance show, the stakes are raised with a “Finder’s Fee” of $5000 to anyone who can help find the next “Bachelor.” The bachelor that is ultimately selected will be swept off to Paris to romance 25 beautiful American bachelorettes in a romantic European playground offering seductive possibilities with vast scenic panoramas, intimate bistros and mysteries lurking around every corner. This season the producers are looking for the man of every woman’s dreams: a handsome, ambitious, charming, successful guy who is looking to settle down. It’s a tall order to fill, so if you or someone you know is an accomplished professional such as, CEO, doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur or business man and wants to find love, contact “The Bachelor” immediately. Casting teams will be looking for lovely ladies throughout the country. If you are 21 years of age and want to find love in the most romantic city in the world contact us NOW! To review the terms and conditions of the “Finder’s Fee”, nominate a bachelor or to download an application please log on to or call “The Bachelor” hotline at 866.739.3150. The deadline for tape submission is August 17, 2005. 


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