Big Tobacco is my dealer. Thanks for the update. We’re so not running for public office after this weekend..

Date: Aug 1, 2005 2:52 PM
Subject: BSB

here’s the deal:

I just got the tickets in the mail.

– We have two VIP parking passes (I’m def going to drive, so if somebody else wants to drive there is parking for you).
– We have 4 lovely “Club Z” VIP Club passes. In this “Club” one may consume alcoholic drinks. Said drinks may not leave the “Z Club”.
– We have 4 BOX SEATS, as in there is a waitress assigned to our Box. As in, we can keep drinking when we leave the aforementioned “Club”. Supposedly there are going to be 4 other people there, I’m guessing none of them will be of age, so we can laugh at their under-agedness.

Also included in the packet was a note from my family friend who supplied us with all this goodness saying, “Our waitress is Amy (she won’t know our names but recognizes us by sight) and she is really nice. I know I don’t have to worry but being a mom I have to say it–please remember that you are in the company box so don’t get too unruly. Not that you would but you know I have to say it!”

That being said, I feel as though unruly is exactly the behavior necessary.

The Boys don’t go on until 8:45 (there was a Production Schedule included in the packet) with Kaci Brown (no idea) and The Click Five (no idea who this is either) opening from about 7:30 – 8:30. In case anyone wants to whore herself out, the Boys will have a backstage “SoundCheck Party” from 4:45-5:30pm and Dinner will be served at 5:00pm. I feel as though it most definitely a security breach to give any of us this information, especially Dana “I AM a breach of security” P rey. I’m happy to provide time of Breakfast, Lunch, and prior soundchecks, as well as the number of trucks and buses in the entourage. You just let me know. Ha.


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