Alias is shooting one of their episodes in MY hotel!!

I met Jennifer Garner and Carl Lumby (Dixon)!!

The details:
Location: The Gold Room (a very fancy and old ballroom in the Millennium Hotel)
Wardrobe: Jennifer was super pregnant and wearing a fancy black and teal strappy dress. Guys were in tux’s and the waitresses were wearing black and fishnets. Lots of bright fancy dresses on the chicks
Alias: Sydney was sporting a dark brunette ‘do (like my color hair), with some bangs. In person she has freckles.
Premise: From where I was, I could see casino tables (which would explain the waitress outfits)
Bad news: Michael Vartan was NOT there.. which leads me to believe that something horrific happens to him on the show
Also: Jenn had a body double who was wearing the same outfit and from what I would guess a fake belly
Mixed signals: while this one dude was telling me to leave when I got too close, all the set guys were telling me to go in through the side door. Apparently they don’t want the pics of the set and costumes to get out.. though all the worker guys are clearly a bigger liability than any of us standing in the doorway! Whatever.
And yeah, she’s unbelievably gorgeous.

Tried to upload a pic of this but the connection sucks.. hold your breath for now.


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