child. swap.

Did anyone else notice on the Season 12 premiere of ER that Sam’s son, Alex, is an entirely different kid?!

Formerly played by Oliver Davis.. now is some punk kid that I don’t like. And if I don’t like it, it should be changed. Seeing that I’m Queen ER girl and all. Word.

This is what I’ve found so far:

“11-year-old Dominic Janes has just been selected to play the recurring role of Alex Taggart, son of nurse Samantha Taggart, on NBC’s hit drama “ER”! Dominic is en route to locations in Chicago and Utah to film the season premiere, in which Alex has run away from home, and risks falling into a diabetic coma without his insulin. Dominic has big shoes to fill, as the role has been played by award-winning young actor Oliver Davis for the past two seasons.”

This is kinda like when Fresh Prince inexplicably changed the moms (Vivian Banks). Creepy.


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