bore. dom.

So on one of the feeds today we have a view of the entrance to the West Wing at the Whitehouse. There is a uniformed marine at the door (signifying the President is at home), standing like a statue, all day, unmoving. So here’s my question – is this job supposed to be an honor or just completely suck?

I mean, I have a tv, AIM and the internet at my disposal.. and sometimes it still gets slow. I can’t even imagine..


2 Responses to bore. dom.

  1. Joe Romero says:

    Being a marine is a great honor let alone guarding the presedent of the United States. It may be “boring”, but it sure is better than sitting on the computer all day or watching tv. I would love to have that man’s job.

  2. dpnation says:

    I get that it’s a great honor, but considering I get bored with two computers and a tv on my desk, I can only imagine how long this guy’s days are..

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