presidental. crew.

Okay, so this time I wasn’t lying.. the opening scene of Commander in Chief featured a rowing President Gena Davis on the Potomac, in a real scull (not a bathtub) and from the Potomac Boat Club, smack down next to Key Bridge.

And a satellite map for your viewing pleasure cause GoogleMaps are just so damn cool. Just for fun, here is where I lived (and the pool I frequented) while I was living in Arlington, aka Ballston Place.

And PS, I’m glad that I had no intentions of rowing in DC, as there’s a four year waiting list to get into any of these places..

I’m hoping I’ll find some screencaps of the rowing scene (which was not bad at all), but until then here’s President Mac in the Press Room.

But guess what the best part is.. this is obviously on the set of the show. Guess who’s been in the real Press Room..

dr. jane and first daughter

It’s actually not as scenic as you would think (basically only the stage looks nice, the rest is quite cramped and dumpy for the reporters). This is the best picture by far though.Related:


One Response to presidental. crew.

  1. J says:

    The sign on the wall should say, “The White House. D to the P, motherfucker.”

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