next. week.

According to the promos for next week’s Alias, it looks like it’s gonna be the episode that was filmed at my hotel while I was in LA!

Here are some pics that I managed (while trying not to offend people/get arrested) :

Jennifer Garner checking out her work on the monitors.. note the directors chairs have the “Alias” logo with a ‘5’ as the ‘S’.. for season 5 of course. How I get one of those chairs I do not know, perhaps the set guy who gave me his card.. hmm.

Jennifer on her way to a bathroom break (and security guy as well).

Being pregnant I would imagine she needs a fair amount of these breaks..

And I’m sure you were dying to know what the bathroom looked like, so here it is. Yeah, looks just like any other bathroom.

This is the room adjacent to the ballroom they were shooting in, with the wardrobe and snacks (my favorite set guy told me to go in the “other” side to check all this stuff out.. I think I love him).

The trucks outside with all the set stuff.

This is one of the ballrooms in the famous Millennium Biltmore.. very Titanic-esque.

Along with the ballrooms and whatnot, here’s the Roman pool at the hotel, where you might remember scenes from Cruel Intentions and True Lies (along with like a thousand others). And if you’re an Alias fan, you’ll remember this is the club scene in Season 1 (I think 3rd or 4th episode?) where Sydney dons the plastic electric blue dress. Saw the rerun on tv and flipped out cause I recognized it..

Here’s the promo for next week’s episode that I got to sneak a peak of last month. Love it.

Update: the pics from the LA trip are finally up!



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