just. teasing.

Oh, how they like to toy with our emotions.


He’s Back!
Jennifer Garner reunites with ex-costar (and real life ex-boyfriend) Michael Vartan on Thursday while shooting a scene in Santa Monica for Alias. Vartan, who played her onscreen love interest, was killed off the show in the season’s first episode.

Unfortunately for all of us, he’s not really coming back. CP has decided that this is a dream sequence, with all the white and shit. And btw, JG is huuuuge now, and she’s still got another month to go. Which is why I’m anti pregnancy. I’ll have a surrogate, like Phoebe on Friends. Just say no to stretch marks.

People.com Link

And totally unrelated:
kanrow8: katie holmes has a baby in the oven!
(okay, so there are really only two of us who get this, whatev.)


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