winter. weather.

“I hate winter”

80 degrees in November. Love it. And ps I was referring to the fact that it gets dark at 5:30pm now, not so much the temperature (not until it drops below 50, that is).

In honor of the whole “Brand Atlanta” ad campaign, I vote one of these for the slogan:
– “It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity.”
– Come for the smog, stay for the traffic
– Atlanta: Hotter Than Hell, and With Bigger Ghettos
– Atlanta invites you to stroll down the famous Peachtree street, but rent a car first.
– Atlanta, Georgia, no two stopped cars on the highway are not on fire.
– Atlanta – You might as well like it … because your flight’s canceled.
– Atlanta: Come see John Rocker’s Museum of Fags, Dudes with Pink Hair and Assorted Minority Types.
– Atlanta: We named all the streets “Peachtree” so you can never get lost!

No Pants Day – May 5, 2006. I’m so game.



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