Giant Testicles run NYC Marathon

Giant Testicles run New York City Marathon
How’s that for a headline?

It was a stunning New York City Marathon on November 6th.

The ING New York City Marathon is one of the world’s great road races, drawing more than 85,000 applicants. The race attracts many world-class professional athletes, not only for the more than $500,000 in prize money, but also for the chance to excel in the media capital of the world before two million cheering spectators and 260 million worldwide television viewers. As any one of the 635,000 past participants will attest, crossing the finish line in Central Park is one of the great thrills of a lifetime.

But what was even more stunning was the appearance of a giant set of testicles running this high profile event. Although this ballsy runner did not place in the top finishers, his enthusiasm was unshaken. “I thought I had this one by the balls,” he stated to our on-location Lunch News Team, “but I got kind of off to a strong start and blew it way too early.”

If he was only from Kenya.

Better luck next year to all the runners who have the cajones to compete in this exciting event.

via the lunch dudes


One Response to Giant Testicles run NYC Marathon

  1. winstolv says:

    Bear in mind that Nike’s Mr. LIVE WRONG only has one testical.

    But a huge Polypharmacy kit and Italian blood doper physician (Michele Ferrari)

    Cheat to win or break 3 hours or buy a $300 pair of Nike 1011 sneakers.


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