rainy. day.

Bored and stir crazy. Good thing I have Batman Begins on DVD.
For once I can say that I’m actually excited for the sequel.. there are very few movies that actually warrant that. Not that it’ll be anytime soon, but whatever.

A little disappointed with the bowl matchups. UVA’s in Nashvegas but that’s still 4 hours away and I have a New Years celebration to prep for.

The celebrity email addresses and screennames directory

The fact that Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Nicole Ritchie have all married or will soon marry men who are a) ugly and b) poor [relatively speaking] would seem to refute the most basic tenets of evolutionary psychology, right? So what’s the deal?And don’t give me any of that “love” crap, either.

Schmitty057: i look at your dp website and i feel like i’ve been talking to you


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