fri. dizzy.

Friday, but of the non payday variety.. boo hiss.
The National Christmas Tree has been lit! Apparently the government doesn’t play the whole set up xmas stuff in late Oct deal.

Aside from next week’s paycheck, more things to look forward to:
Howie Day is releasing a Live from.. album. And for the record here’s a pic of me and HowHow from a million years ago (or like winter of 2000).. proving once again I know how to pick ’em.
– Schmitty’s birfday on the 16th!
– Dave & Lauren’s slightly more classy (we would imagine) housewarming party. As for bringing stuff, nobody worry, the beer funnel will be covered.
– And, the last full week of work before taking 11 (yes, eleven!) days off! (headed to the burg on the 23rd)

Jingle Jog 5K – last race of dominating my age group.. tear.

And you thought you had financial issues. $270 mil??
Speaking of money, I’ve decided that I’m grown up enough to open a CD account. That and I have a real live paying job, which is also key.

I completely and utterly loathe this woman.

Kinda like your own bobblehead.. but optical illusion style: Turn Your Head

I’ve finally revamped the dpisms section, hopefully more to come, but for now it’s a big improvement.


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