taking. over.

Evil doers, unite!
Rebel2524: dp
Rebel2524: molly and i just talked
Rebel2524: the forces of evil are aligning

The ball starts rolling:
EV1LMOLLY: its all part of the master plan
EV1LMOLLY: I have you with access to weapons
EV1LMOLLY: DP with access to the media
EV1LMOLLY: and me with access to judges
Rebel2524: oooh i never thought of it that succinctly
EV1LMOLLY: now all we need is someone high up in the lotto commission
Rebel2524: oooooh!
EV1LMOLLY: so we can hit powerball to fund our project

Good thing they’ve decided to keep me in the loop:
Rebel2524: we should fill DP in i guess
EV1LMOLLY: she’ll figure it out
EV1LMOLLY: after we put her in a sack and she wakes up in an office, dressed for work
Rebel2524: hahahahahaha
Rebel2524: the work sack
EV1LMOLLY: isnt that how people get jobs?
Rebel2524: they stick the resume in the sack, like santa’s list

Dictators are always prepared:
SPOON10: all i ask is that when i wake up ready for work, that i have an appropriately cute outfit on
SPOON10: that enables me to be fashionable yet take over the world in relative comfort
Rebel2524: we thought seersucker
SPOON10: you’ve done your homework
SPOON10: which is a lot more than i can say, when we were at vanillanova
Rebel2524: yeah me either

ducka ducka ducka..
Rebel2524: so seersucker works for you
Rebel2524: molly says she wears the daddy pants

marketing ploy:
Rebel2524: i need to start ordering t shirts from you
Rebel2524: so “69LT” is in
SPOON10: i’ll whip up a sharpie prototype until we go into mass production

reaching out:
Rebel2524: also, many of my friends have read your website and applaud it
SPOON10: i’m telling you, texas is like my number one state
SPOON10: i have a fan club in dallas
Rebel2524: and in fort hood too

We’re modest, too:
SPOON10: this could be one of our most brilliant ideas to date
Rebel2524: i know, and we are well known for brilliance

People might wonder.. who is this army whore anyway?
Rebel2524: the woman, the myth, the legend
SPOON10: you really need some business cards
Rebel2524: i think some people would get the wrong idea


One Response to taking. over.

  1. J says:

    It’s about time the comments are back.

    Also, for the love of God, truthaboutduke.com.

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