dog. days.

As a friendly reminder, go buy Ana Marie Cox (aka the Wonkette)’s book.

From Booklist:
Most people will not know Cox by her own name, but those who haunt the blogosphere will know her as the Washington insider who writes Often very funny–okay, snide—-her online rants cover everything from the baby panda at the Washington Zoo to Pat Robertson’s practice of declaring “fatwas” on those with whom he disagrees.

It’s not surprising that, in her first novel, Cox stays within the D.C. city limits, her cyberspace trolling ground. Her story is set in the seedy underbelly of a presidential campaign during the dog days of August. Melanie Thorton is a second-tier staffer working in Democrat John Hillman’s campaign. But her job is really a sideline to her real business, having an affair with a big-name, very married political journalist. When news of the affair starts to bubble to the surface, Thorton and a friend concoct a sex scandal of their own involving a waitress who, in true Frankenstein fashion, takes on a life of her own.

Cox easily captures the incestuous and ultimately vapid relationships politics engenders, but that’s part of the book’s problem. No one is likable here, and all the frenetic action seems pointless. Melanie gets that in the end, but it’s something readers will figure out long before she does. Still, Cox’s status in the blogosphere will draw media notice and attract readers as wonky as she is.


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