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The Daily Quickie Love List:

Villanova hoops
I love that the Wildcats came back this season with a chip on their shoulder after last year’s rip-off in the NCAA Tournament. I love that they run a 4-guard offense and force other teams to match up with them. I love that their fans set a state record for college hoops attendance last night during their win over UConn. All signs pointing to this being one of those years?

Quickie con’t:

The latest rankings show Villanova at No. 4, but it’s easy to make a case that they’re the top team in the country after the Wildcats beat No. 1 UConn last night in front of the biggest crowd to ever see a college basketball game in Pennsylvania.

What gives ‘Nova an edge over other No. 1 contenders like Duke, Memphis and Gonzaga? I’d say it’s two components of their schedule: ‘Nova is in first place in the Big East, the deepest conference in the country.

And none of the others have notched as big of a win as Nova did last night, over a No. 1 team. That should be enough to vault them over Duke into the No. 1 RPI spot. (For now, they have a rematch at UConn in two weeks.)

Good thing that a debate over college hoops’ No. 1 is academic; the Tournament will prove whether Nova’s 4-guard offense (79 pct of points last night), 3-point shooting (7/9 in 2nd half) and underrated frontcourt depth (Will Sheridan: 13 pts, 10 reb) are enough to win 6 in a row.

[Also, check out the poll, where Villanova is winning the “Who is the best team in college hoops right now?” vote with 38%]


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