non. nova.

And by popular demand (and by popular demand we mean it was just demanded), a non Vanillanova post.

Rocking out:

Girl band rock at its finest.
They are coming to A-town on 2/28, but working under the assumption that I’ll be, well, working.
Update: Entertainment Weekly review“Rougher than Hilary, sassier than Kelly, and just plain better than Ashlee, these 20-year-old twins from Down Under make most of their female pop-rock rivals seem like jugheads.”

Speaking of which, we’re starting a new band called the Panhandlers. Even though technically The Jennys never exactly disbanded (or banded for that matter) and you know VH1 is dying for the rights to the reunion tour. Stay tuned for auditions (aka seeing how many tequila shots you can do).

And because bandwagons are fun, look who else has succumbed to blog pressure.. why, the investigative reporter herself, Chelsea.


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