and. back.

Back in the ATL – aka the traffic, smog and ungodly work hours.. I’m not really sure why I left Montana?

Quick recap of the glorious weekend in Missoula until Slams emails me a couple more pics (hint)

The cutest dog in the world, Alice. She also took me for a ride on the trail, until I had enough sense to unleash her.

Fresh powder with professional ski girl Amber, who clearly can ski better than she can walk.

Also, let’s play a game to guess how many emails I have waiting for me at work.. over/under 500. Fortunately/unfortunately I have tomm off, though sacrificing my entire weekend all in the name of being a good worker. Hey, maybe I’ll be caught up on email by then. Which, for the record, I only checked gmail ONCE during my vacation, which has got to be a record.

and PS, that first pic is the view from the mountain next to Amber’s house. Which rivals my view of IKEA. Or, not.


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