super. star.

This article was forwarded to me by multiple people (including my boss), maybe this is a sign..

As part of our ongoing public service to assist Buzz readers with
opportunities to stalk, er, stare longingly at “Failure to Launch” actor Matthew McConaughey and “Lost” star Matthew Fox while scoring some decent coin, we recommend popping by the Atlanta Marriott Century Center this afternoon.

That’s when casting directors will hold a casting call for the upcoming, locally shot feel-good football flick “We Are … Marshall.” The two Matthews portray coaches in the film. From 1 to 5 p.m., casting folks are asking Atlantans who wish to be extras in the movie, set to shoot here from April 24 to June 20, to turn up with a recent photo or head shot. The filmmakers are seeking men and women of all ages, 18 to 100 (yikes!) for “all types of scenes.” College-age-looking guys and gals should have 1970s-era longish hair “with no extreme highlights or dyes.”

Experienced football officials, marching band members with their own instruments, cheerleaders, firefighters and paramedics are also needed for the drama.

The extras casting folks tell Buzz: “We need a little of everything. If you feel you do not fall into one of these groups, don’t let that stop you from coming.”

“Also, participants should know that this is not an actual audition, just an opportunity for filmmakers to get a photo and some info from you. You should be in and out ‘in just a few minutes.'”

The casting call will be at the Atlanta Marriott Century Center, 2000 Century Blvd., at Clairmont Road and I-85.

Just got back from the casting, so cross your fingers!

Also, I think my boss knows me a little too well:
“I can see the headline now — “Extra kicked off set of local movie for harassing stars””



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