organized. move.

This is how productive my packing is going.

One week to go..


4 Responses to organized. move.

  1. J says:

    I’m glad you have movers, and I’m glad that I live in North Carolina.

    That television looks like it weighs 900 pounds.

  2. says:

    the tv is a 27 inch, so if you have a friend it’s managable.. the entertainment center it sits on, however, weighs more than i do. hence, hiring the movers.

    i’m hoping they can carry the sofa with me laying on it, you know, royalty style.

  3. J says:

    I bet the Dartmouth heavyweight 8 could move your shit in under 10 minutes.

    Why Dartmouth?

    Because it’s the school of preppy assholes.

    Which, in my mind, is exactly your type.

  4. vose says:

    The only way the Dartmouth guys could put that together is if they pry themselves away from the mirror and stop studying the Classics.

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