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SportsCenter’s Most Clichéd Catchphrase: The Tournament


It began with Chris Berman’s clever puns, continued on into a Kilborn/Patrick/Mayne fueled golden age, and has now entered into our everyday conversations. Or at least the everyday conversations of people who are too stupid to remember movie quotes.The SportsCenter catch phrase, like the guest that is a hell of a lot of fun at the party, but spends the next three weeks on your couch making you rue the day you invited him in the first place, has run its course. We’ve had enough, SportsCenter Catch Phrase. As you yourself would put it, “Aloha means goodbye!”

And so CRACKED has put together a tournament of the 64 most clichéd SportsCenter catchphrases in the sports fan lexicon for you to vote on. Each phrase should be judged on how annoying, idiotic and meaningless they have become. Sure you like some of the 64 teams who made the field. Hell, we even like some of the 64 phrases below. But this is a democracy, and something must be done!

dpnote: personally, I’m getting rather sick of the “cooler than the other side of the pillow” commentary made by Stuart Scott every other highlight, but for some unknown reason, he is not included in the tourney; neither is Boomer, who is my least favorite commentator aside from Bill Walton.


One Response to sports. center.

  1. J says:

    Craig Kilborn is a genius:

    “Rasheed me!”


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