new. H2.

This is not your average H2

Ford today announced the first production of its new Focus hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Focus FCV-Hybrid.

This differs from prior demo cars in three ways. First, it’s the most sophisticated, according to Ford. Second, it came off a production line, not out of a lab. Ford intends to crank through 30 of the Focus FCVs initially for field testing. Also being tested and refined, though, will be the manufacturing techniques.

Third, unlike an earlier version of the Focus FCV, this model is a hybrid. Rather than combining a combustion engine with an electric motor, it uses an electric motor powered by two sources. A Ballard Power Systems hydrogen fuel cell provides the primary motive power, while a Sanyo nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) battery pack and a Continental Teves Electro-Hydraulic regenerative braking system provides the additional source of electric power. Continental Teves also supplies the regenerative braking system in the Escape Hybrid SUV.

This Focus FCV combines our hybrid expertise with advanced fuel cell technology resulting in a vehicle that combines the improved range and performance of a hybrid with the overall benefits of a fuel cell said Dr. Gerhard Schmidt, Ford Motor Company vice president, Research and Advanced Engineering.

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I just like the fact that it’s got “H2” written all over these prototype cars.

Who’s still under $30 at the pump? Yeah, that’s right.

PS happy hour @ pleasantville tonite!


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