pink. palace.

Originally red, er pink flagged by Aaron..

Atlanta made its entry into a post on the celeb blog PinkIsTheNewBlog today.

The celebrity? A house. A pink house, to be exact.

It seems that the house on North Avenue in the Little 5/ Candler area was painted bright pink as an advertising ploy for the tabloid riddled reality show The Simple Life: Til Death Do Us Part starring Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton. There are cutouts of the cast seen in the doorways and windows, as well as a giant “E!” representing the cable network. The hedges in the front even spell out the day the show airs.
from ATL metblogs

One Atlanta Home Turns Pink For Paris
Why has a house at 1238 North Avenue, across from Freedom Park near Moreland Avenue, been drawing so much attention? It may have a lot to do with the Pepto-Bismol pink that the house is blantantly painted. Another unique thing that is catching a lot of stares is the fact that the house is being connected to the reality series “The Simple Life: ‘Til Death Us Part” with former BFFs Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. The AJC reports that on Friday, “Simple Life” PR reps even offered a sneak peek inside the house where pink lemonade was served up and a “blinged-out” dog contest was also held on the ground.

The owner of the house also left a message on the E! Online “Simple Life” message board Saturday: “The big pink house on North Avenue is mine. Lots of people are stopping by to admire the place. Thanks for all the attention. As the number one fan, I just wanted to let everyone in the Atlanta area know that PR filming has already taken place. We are having lots of fun and feel bery lucky to represent the show.” We also obtained further insider information from Phil T’s visit to the pink house’s neighbor Steve. He told “The Bert Show” that two guys live there and was paid $5,000 to paint their house by entering a contest and beating out 100 other entries. They are required to keep the house pink for one month. Furthermore, the two male occupants of the house have also only watched the Paris-Nicole reality show once!



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