prep. quiz.

The Preppy Lifestyle
Lilly or Ralph uh, both obvi
Polos or Pearls polos WITH pearls
Collar Up or Down blades up!
Tennis or Golf a true prep would not be forced to choose
Mercedes or BMW BMW.. i don’t like mercedes. Lexus is better than both.
Laguna Beach or Super Sweet 16 laguna
East Coast or West Coast east coast
New York or Boston NYC, the accents in boston are horrendous
Nantucket or Martha’s Vineyard nantucket
Sperry’s or Bass i’m wearing bass today, but sperry rules all
Patch Madras or Madras patch madras hell yes
DMB or Jack Johnson DMB.. JJ is not even close
Public or Private School private school, bitches
Country Clubs or Yacht Clubs you’d be hard pressed to find a yacht club in the middle of georgia..
Long Island or Connecticut i prefer the south
Mac or Dell dell
iPod or MP3 ipod
Bloomie’s or Saks bloomies
Yachting or Sailing can’t go wrong with either
USTA or USGA i’m a USGA member, so i guess that one
Cabo or Cancun cabo.. cancun is for high school students
AIM or Yahoo AIM
Who is your Favorite Designer? eh, not committed to anyone in particular
What is your Favorite Store? jcrew, brooks bros, ralph lauren, lacoste, niketown
Where do you Live? atl
What sport do you Play? running, golf, tennis, cycling
Where is your favorite Prep Vacation Spot? some beach, somewhere
Lacoste or Vineyard Vines Polo both, layered with collars up
Vineyard Vines or J.Crew Ribbon Belts? one does not preclude the other

One Response to prep. quiz.

  1. Tod says:

    What a great survey! I would love to copy it and send it out to my friends…


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