random. musings.

we’re in need of some amusing AIM convos.. this should do the trick.

on airline security:
SPOON10: did i mention when i was in denver a few weeks ago
SPOON10: i just arrived, walking through the airport
CybilW: You barely excaped!!!
SPOON10: the ENTIRE calgary flames hockey team walking through the terminal!
SPOON10: and they were HOT
SPOON10: i mean like surprisingly
SPOON10: i had my hockey stereotypes
SPOON10: toothless, shaggy, canadian
SPOON10: but i have been proven wrong
CybilW: excellent
CybilW: I can just see you yelling HOTNESS IN THE HOUSE! and being tackled by a TSA official
SPOON10: it’d be a dream come true

on talents:
CybilW: I can sit in a chair!

on our pack of free tix to Hawks/Thrashers:
SPOON10: i figure for the thrashers i’ll just get super expensive tix and blow the whole pack on one game
SPOON10: i think i’d like to sit on the bench with the team
SPOON10: i wonder how many vouchers it takes to do that
CybilW: two

on employment and life in general:
SPOON10: i don’t like doing work
SPOON10: i’m anti work
CybilW: ME TOO
CybilW: It really gets in the way of my personal life
CybilW: and by personal life
CybilW: I really mean my drinking


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