got. lent?

wafers14: my muscles really hurt
wafers14: and i havent done anything for 2 days
SPOON10: hahaha
wafers14: i think i need a banana
SPOON10: they are in shock
wafers14: haha no.. i gave up meat for lent
wafers14: so it might have something to do with that
SPOON10: ahhhh
SPOON10: meat?!
wafers14: but i got iron pills yesterday
SPOON10: what about giving up facebook
wafers14: that too
SPOON10: ewwww
wafers14: body and mind dana
SPOON10: meat = friday
wafers14: well rounded
SPOON10: i gave up fast food and cocaine
wafers14: haha your two fav things?
SPOON10: yes
SPOON10: body and mind, jenny
wafers14: i’m telling mom
SPOON10: i told her
wafers14: dammit
SPOON10: she suggested i toss in smoking too
wafers14: yeah but i mean you shouldnt sacrifice everything
wafers14: youre already going way out there
SPOON10: don’t worry, acid is still on my okay list
wafers14: whew
wafers14: what a relief
SPOON10: it’s gonna be hard giving up tattoos though
wafers14: cause really.. what would tuessday morning be without acid
SPOON10: obviously
SPOON10: i will eat extra meat to compensate for your lack
wafers14: haha okay
SPOON10: animals are delicious
wafers14: yes yes they are


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