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One of my daily stops: The UniWatch Blog, by Paul Lukas (have I ever mentioned that I once asked Paul to adopt me? He laughed. But, he didn’t say no?)

Today’s topic: New WNBA uniforms.

I’m liking the Mystics unis, with inspiration from the old Bullets design, but most of the others are a little too flowery for my taste. I am a fan of the women’s cut though. (This goes back to my whole theory of women’s specific clothing – I don’t need my bike jerseys to have butterflies on them, I just want the men’s version but cut for women – is that too much to ask for?)

As most of you know, I’m quite the sports fan and obviously a big proponent for anything elevating women’s issues. So it really drives me nuts when people knock on the WNBA as a subpar, butch, unpopular, worthless, etc. sports league. There has been some great discussion today on the boards, and a good part of it pro-female (and excellent responses to those who are not). Here’s some of the highlights.

[quote] I hate the wnba. It would have folded a long time ago if it was not heavily subsidized by the NBA. And I love how most arenas put black drapes covering the second decks of the arenas, and only show certain camera angles to make you think the place is packed, when in reality there are 4-5K there. Come to think of it, the NCAA does the same thing with the women’s b-ball tournament, except for the final four. [/quote]

Yeah, and men’s college baseball, and men’s pro lacrosse, and . . . any “men’s” sport other than the big four. (source)
Obviously you have never attended a game at a top-notch women’s basketball school. Until the past few years it was the women’s teams at schools like Tennessee, Texas and Texas Tech that sold out the arenas. Not the men’s programs. (source)
Case in point. I’m a die hard Louisville men’s basketball fan and went to watch them play at Tennessee a few years back (pre-Bruce Pearl). Our seats were at the top of the arena right in front of a big, black curtain. I peeled it back a little to reveal another 10 rows of seats. I asked the person next to me what that was all about and they said they only open up those seats for women’s games. (source)

[quote] Sue Bird is ok. (She is, however, great looking – for a WNBA player)
I’d much rather look at the women of the LPGA, WTA, or women’s beach volleyball tour. [/quote]

Just because I don’t find Steve Nash attractive, doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a Sun’s game. I’m not a fan of the double standard that female athletes need to be hot (and athletic) in order for a sport to be popular. (source)

Let’s start with the WNBA unis. I do watch the WNBA, and thank you, dpnation, for pointing out that pulchritude is not a prerequisite for playing ability. I like watching women’s sports when I can (no cable). (source)

And from yesterday’s comments:

[dp’s comment] here’s the link to the new WNBA unis:

And before any smartaleck remarks, please remember there ARE some people who actually appreciate womens sports.[/dp’s comment]

agreed… and appreciate sue bird, swin cash, becky hammon… (source)Loving the fact that I’m not the only one who thinks this way..
— /end quotes

Loving the fact that I’m not the only one who thinks this way..


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