remember the 80s

guyzbliss: so you saw the 80’s pics?
SPOON10: brilliant
guyzbliss: i knew you would be proud
guyzbliss: lol
guyzbliss: by the way, the jell-o shots almost killed
guyzbliss: they were opaque
SPOON10: awesome
guyzbliss: totally wouldn’t have congealed w/o your tips
SPOON10: see?
SPOON10: brilliance
guyzbliss: i know, i seriously thanked you aloud when i saw them
guyzbliss: because i knew it would’ve bombed otherwise
SPOON10: i’m so proud
guyzbliss: a bunch of ppl asked who DP was
guyzbliss: no, really, i said it aloud

The Evite:
Totally Tubular 80’s!!!

Come help Clarence, Kyle, Aaron, Danielle, and Mauricio party hardy at our to the max 80’s explosion!

80’s trivia
80’s karaoke
disco ball dancing
neon Jell-O shots
big hair
side ponytails
rolled sleeves
slap bracelets
Super Mario Bros.
boy toys

Appropriate 80’s attire required to enter the Totally Awesome 80’s Birthday Party!!


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