true hollywood story

So, if your life was to be played out in a made-for-tv movie, which celebrity would you pick to play you?

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6 Responses to true hollywood story

  1. dpnation says:

    I would probably pick Jordana Brewster, (I don’t think Jennifer Garner could really pull off pretending to be me, oh well), with Tom Welling as my leading man. We’ll have to make up that part of my biography.

  2. Cybil, obviously says:

    Here’s how I see the marquee …
    The Bad Decisions: The Life and Times of C.G. Wallace
    Starring the dismembered and floating Dana Head

  3. Wes says:

    I would probably be played by whichever Baldwin brother is most hard up for cash, and not currently incarcerated, at the time. They should have no problem acting like a drunken idiot and berating children, which happen to be my two favorite activities.

  4. J says:


    Tony from No Doubt.

  5. Marijka says:

    Drew Barrymore – because I too was an alcholoic child star.

  6. The Army Whore says:

    Rebel2524: this is a tough one
    Rebel2524: but i claim the guy from the unit as my makeout partner

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