tea. partay.

No one’s harder than a New England gangsta. Smirnoff Hard Tea for the ultimate rebel in seersucker!

“We’re chillin from our heads in white tennis visors, right down to our toes in a pair of Topsiders.”

Confused? You need the Preppy Handbook. How could you not love a book that has a chapter devoted to monogramming?

And no, I didn’t write it. It was actually published in prehistoric-preDana times – i.e. – 1980. More after the jump.

Here are some prep basics.

Preppy Clothing and Styles:
-Conservative: Not too much cleavage, leg or skin. The prep always looks presentable. A general rule of thumb, if your grandmother saw someone walking down the street in the outfit or look in question would she approve?

-Casual, yet put together: The casual look is like the weekender. Layers and relaxed khakis , but colors that assimilate. Remember that one must not look like a pre-assembled outfit and colors.

-Classic, but effortless: Along the same lines as casual. It is often the worst to see a young lady who you can tell has spent three hours getting dressed and two hours styling her hair just right, and one more hour doing her make up. Remember to always look presentable, and to look refreshed, this way you can always be ready to go.

-Pressed but rugged: A perfect example of this look is one for men. A light blue button down cotton shirt with a clean white tee underneath. Sleeves must be rolled, not smashed up. This may be worn with clean, wrinkle free khakis, and a charcoal gray sweater.

This is the way preps grow up: Remember these lifestyles are carried into their entire adult life.

Preppy Sports:
-Fall: Sailing, Field Hockey, Soccer, Hunter/Jumper
-Winter: Skiing, Curling
-Spring: Golf, Sailing, Lacrosse, Rowing
-Summer: Tennis, Golf, Sailing, Swimming

*they key is, the farther the destination, the harder it is to get to, the more expensive the equipment, the more preppy a sport becomes.


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