admissions. astonishment.

Many of you have inquired on my business school status, so here’s the rundown..

Georgia Tech
Boston College
Univ. of Denver
Univ. of Colorado – Boulder

Still waiting:

NONE! (knock on wood)

Not to mention, thanks to the GMAT Council, my name and GMAT score have been sold to pretty much every major institution on the planet, hence my mountain of junkmail and offers of preferred applicant status and waive the essays and general application and just come meet with them. Huh?

Here’s the list of schools that apparently I’m in, or at least pretty much in, despite having not applied. I can’t decide if this is annoying or amusing.
University of San Diego
University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

There are more, as soon as the mountain of mail is sorted. Though, I’m more leaning towards having a big bonfire instead.


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