cheers, mate.

Before we get to Sicily, we’re stopping in London for a day. Yeah yeah, London in a day isn’t really possible. Madame Clark (aka adoptive mother) scoffs at the idea that we’re even attempting to do it. But maybe combining this day with the one day in London we got while rowing at the Henley, I’ll have the gist of England.

On the agenda: Stonehenge and possibly the Arsenal stadium.


One Response to cheers, mate.

  1. Skybil says:

    Dear DP,

    I can’t believe you left me behind at the airport. Unfortunately, my hysterical sobbing was deemed “suspicious” by the TSA and I spent several uncomfortable hours being water-boarded.

    So, I hope you’re enjoying your DAMNED vacation without me!!!

    It’s hard to stay mad, but I’m gonna try!


    You’d better get me a present

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