save. sweetwater.

From Kevin:

The Georgia Dept of Revenue is trying to enact restrictions to small breweries and the tours they give. I’m told that Sweetwater was completely different this past Friday because of the proposed changes. They have lessened the amount of beer they serve and super restricted the hours of operation. The most they’ll be allowed to serve on a tour is 16 oz ounces (eight 2 oz servings) ! My understanding is that the owner of a bunch of Atlanta bars (Hand in Hand, Neighbors, Fox and Hound, etc) thinks Sweetwater is taking away his precious happy hour business so he’s placed a lawsuit against them.

To read more and write an email (by 10 AM) to the Department of Revenue, visit And be sure to click on the Tours link to see the reduced hours of operation.


One Response to save. sweetwater.

  1. quoting says:

    “save the whales? no, save the breweries!” [manav likes to poke fun]

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