after. math.

Nothing like recovering from a weekend like watching the Bravos beat up the Red Sux while getting paid to do so. (And, avoiding the rain in my nice dry newsroom).

Weekender wisdom and quotables:

ohnocheese: what
Auto response from SPOON10: omg.. atlanta diner
ohnocheese: get me a pork chop
—– (did you know they have beef patties now too?)

Taxi driver: “Ma’am, you need to put out that cigarette”
Edith: “It’s 3am and we’re in Midtown. You’re just gonna have to deal with it.”

Cab Driver: “I have to put on some Billy Jean for you”
Greatest. Cab. Ever.

Atlanta Diner wisdom: “I can’t wait for my life.”

Julie solidifies her spot as ‘the drunk girl’ at Screen on the Green.
Manav (via text at SOTG): “You will never ride my bicycle.”
—– [take me back, damnit!]

Life Lesson #9047823377: You get a lot more booze when paying with a $100 bill.

Leasing agent: “I’m sorry I was just dancing to Rhianna.”

Two coworkers today, separately: “Are you sober yet?”

Anyone remember anything else?


14 Responses to after. math.

  1. dpnation says:

    in other notable news, my work husband #1 Steve got a bike! Free Flite should reward me with something for the referral. Like, another bike.

  2. Mr. A says:

    I’m still laughing over this entry…ajfl;asdf. So many great things packed into one weekend! 😀

  3. Mr. A says:

    Oh, and don’t forget Butch Cassidy wisdom: “There are many ways to go straight.”

  4. DP says:

    umm, does anyone remember me getting in a fight at Halo, cause apparently skybil says i got mad at two boys in a shuffle for spilling my drink and then i proceeded to try to fight them. and WHO the hell was defending my honor??

  5. Mr. A says:

    I do not remember that. However, Danny’s camera has pictures of you with this big wet streak on the front of your dress…and the polo horse too. I blame the tequila for the fuzziness at that point…

  6. dpnation says:

    damnit, danny and his camera are totally my downfall.

    in my head, if i can’t remember it, then it didn’t happen….. until the pictures surface. argh!

  7. Skybil says:

    Oh, I remember MUCH MUCH more! But am withholding for blackmail purposes. I think you did scare the boyfriend tho. Just sayin.’

  8. M++ says:

    Never taking you back! Never!

  9. deeps says:

    you are sooo taking me back. remember, the blue dress doesn’t make another appearance until my going away party. which skybil is planning. um, get on that.

  10. M++ says:

    Though a powerful weapon, the blue dress can only do so much. I can’t be won back.

  11. deeps says:

    you say that now. just wait. the blue dress is just another form of kryptonite, no male can withstand it.

    also, are you gonna sit next to me at screen on the green next week instead of texting me every 30 seconds?

  12. m++ says:

    Remember how that kid and ET ride the bike in the sky? Yeah, no room for you on mine.

    …And to be honest, I’m a bit afraid of the blue dress, but I think I can defeat it…

  13. deeps says:

    that ET bike scene is EXACTLY what i was thinking! you pedal, i want to ride in the basket. but please don’t confuse me with ET, that might hurt my self-esteem.

  14. m++ says:

    The blue dress is everything that’s right about the world. You? Not so much.

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