hammerin’. hank.

From one of the three Cubs game last week:

Courtesy of Jared/Wiki:

In Atlanta, 53,775 people showed up on April 8, 1974. It was a Braves record for attendance. Aaron hit career home run 715 in the 4th inning off Los Angeles pitcher Al Downing. The ball landed in the Braves bullpen where reliever Tom House caught it. While cannons were fired in celebration, two college students ran alongside Aaron around the base paths. Aaron’s mother ran onto the field as well. A few months later, on October 5, 1974, Aaron hit his 733rd and final home run as a Brave.

Thirty days later b the Braves traded Aaron to the Milwaukee Brewers for Roger Alexander and Dave May. Because the Brewers were an American League team, Aaron could extend his career by taking advantage of the designated hitter rule. Aaron broke baseball’s all-time RBI record on May 1, 1975. On July 20, 1976, Hank Aaron hit his 755th and final home run off the California Angels’ Dick Drago at Milwaukee County Stadium.


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