true. love.

Psycho T has stolen my M&M chick!

ps.. do you think I have too much to look at while at my desk? No wonder I’m going blind. Maybe I should get some eye surgery like Wes did.

(And that’s not even close to when I’m working video. I’m gonna start looking into seeing eye dogs.)


3 Responses to true. love.

  1. dpnation says:

    one of the many reason why i have absolutely no desire to go to Six Flags:

    Girl’s feet severed on ride at Six Flags

    (CNN) — A girl’s feet were cut off Thursday when a free-fall thrill ride malfunctioned at the Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Amusement Park in Louisville, Kentucky, police said.

  2. Poker Cats says:

    Seeing multiple monitors together always makes me think of online poker.

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