bike. babes.

Okay, so I might be the only female cyclist I know, but this is getting posted regardless, cause I am a WSD enthusiast.

Atlanta Cycling and Trek WSD (Women’s Specific Design) are having a Ladies Night next Wed.


Trek and Atlanta Cycling have come together to bring you a fun and informative evening. Wed, July 11th 7pm

-WSD Difference
-Basic Maintenance
-Bike Fit

15% off all Accessories during the event!


4 Responses to bike. babes.

  1. Poker Cats says:

    You’re not wanted for anything, are you? This sounds like one of those tricks where you’ll be ambushed by a police dragnet, all on live national TV.

    “Informative”= your Miranda rights. “Fun”=High fives for the SWAT team.

  2. dpnation says:

    oh no! is this gonna be like the time skybil and rachel took me to lunch at mccormicks and staged my intervention?!

  3. Poker Cats says:

    Sounds like it cld be, only with gruffer-looking people. And maybe a banjo.

  4. dp says:

    as long as i’m not busted for doping. i’d hate to back out of the tour de france now. besides, who would officiate tony and eva’s wedding on saturday in paris? (don’t you know i’m an ordained minister?)

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