coming to america

Sorry, anyone riding in the tour, today is just NOT your day.. for hotness, at least.

W magazine has released content for their August issue, featuring the Beckhams coming to America. This is way better than the Beetles, mostly because I’m actually alive to witness it. And this mag certainly beats out the 2004 Vanity Fair issue.

Hits newsstands on July 20. If you can’t wait that long, check out the current Sports Illustrated to tide you over. mmm.

W Magazine – Soccer


4 Responses to coming to america

  1. dpnation says:

    whoa – totally unrelated – but breaking news Lady Bird Johnson just passed away yesterday evening – i updated The Nation three days ago and quoted her on it. freaky.

    see for yourself: (theme of the week)

    i wonder if this is a new superpower.. muhahaha! or, oops?

  2. nikewatch says:

    The entire Nike wardrobe Tiger Woods wears on the course is scripted, and has been for years, but there’s a new twist for the British Open next week and the PGA Championship next month — his clothes are already picked out.

    Thursday at Carnoustie: Dri-Fit drop needle polo in blue recall ($70).

    Friday at Carnoustie: Multi-mini stripe polo in palomino ($80).

    Saturday at Carnoustie: Dri-Fit texture polo in pebble gray ($80).

    Sunday at Carnoustie: Dri-Fit seamless herringbone mock in red ($80).

    Now you won’t be surprised.,1,6189166.story?coll=la-headlines-sports&ctrack=1&cset=true

  3. google talk says:

    Greg: i’m worrying because people are getting to my blog by doing searches on “unshaven croatian women photos”

  4. m++ says:

    If only posh had the blue dress, them I might be mildly interested …

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