good news, bad news.

Oh no!
Becks is still dealing with his ankle injury from the final Real Madrid game.

Something tells me that with a sold out game this Saturday broadcast on ESPN with 19 cameras following him around that he will be playing, whether he likes it or not. – Soccer – Ankle injury puts Beckham’s debut in jeopardy

Speaking of Beckham, hopefully everyone saw Victoria’s Coming to America show tonite, which I’m not gonna lie – was freakin hilarious. (in a good way – Britney and Paris might want to take notes here.) Who knew she was actually  kinda witty and self deprecating?

Oh yes!
The tour is back after the day of rest. Rasmussen claimed the King of the Mountain distinction (no surprise there – back to back KOM defending champ) AND the yellow jersey. Hope he doesn’t get too hot with all that clothing.

Still not really torn over a favorite team this year, but I’ve decided that with one small adjustment, this is the team I will fully support. (Reminiscent of this?)


One Response to good news, bad news.

  1. cyclingtip says:

    In case you were wondering about how the mountains are categorized in the tour, here’s a nice guide:

    Cycling Climbing Categories
    Tour de France climbing categories are assigned subjectively based on:

    * length of the climb
    * altitude difference from bottom to top
    * average (and steepest) grade
    * summit elevation
    * climb’s position on the stage (early or late)
    * width and conditions of the road

    After considering all these factors, the Tour’s director sportif makes his recommendations after driving over the stage routes a couple of months before the race. Also, the Tour is supposed to be tough, so what might be a Cat 2 climb in The Tour might be a Cat 1 in another race. The categories are supposed to be the riders’ perceived difficulty on the climb, so the numbers given below are only a guideline.

    * Typically for the Tour, Category 4 is an easy, short climb.
    * Category 3 is the easiest “real” climb – ie, 5km at a 5% grade.
    * Category 2 is about as tough as you could ever see here in the states. (Something like 5km at a grade of 8-8.5%)
    * Category 1 typically a long climb (15 – 20+ km) at a not too steep grade – 5-6%.
    * Hors Category (HC) is long and steep. The altitude difference is at least 1000km and an average grade of 7% or more.


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