caption. this.

Q: What can $10 buy you?

A: the most brilliant Halloween costume to date. (There have been quite a few)

Leave any other costume suggestions below.


6 Responses to caption. this.

  1. quote says:

    Cybil (trying on jersey): “So how do I look?”
    DP: “Like a dog killer!”

  2. Skybil says:

    I am sooo pretty! Pretty damn vicious!

  3. QofD says:

    Mystery theme party hint #18237

    “Here’s what I can tell you about your party … My dog will be wearing a Michael Vick Jersey, there will be a giant vat of cheese and BBQ chips.”

  4. Poker Cats says:

    I can’t help but think years from now, dogs will be wearing jerseys that say “Skybil” on it and making funny faces.

  5. dp says:

    we can only hope..

  6. quote says:

    god i hope i wasn’t doing anything stupid..

    (aim): Hi Dana, I think I saw you on TV this morning.
    (aim): didn’t catch what it was about but it was a quick 2 second think on American Morning… next shot was of a printer spitting out paper… so it could have been anything.

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