braves, cheese dip, etc.


Photos updated! Well, one gallery at least.

The farewell bash with secret theme hosted by Skybil is on. Unfortunately, no clues as to what the hell is going on have been unveiled.

A sampling of edited evite quotes:
“If they only XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, life would be perfect!”
“I will be there along with my large vat of cheese dip!!!”
“i better keep my response tentative, since XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX may draw me in from miles and miles away…is Boston ready for this!?”

If you haven’t received the evite, get in touch with Cybil. I’m not allowed to view the evite until 7:30pm on Saturday.


3 Responses to braves, cheese dip, etc.

  1. Skybil says:

    Oh man! I am awesome!!!

  2. dpnation says:

    modest, too.

    and not delusional AT ALL!

  3. […] instant. invite. My own personal Jesus Evite! (Since I’m not allowed on the one everyone else got) […]

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