aging. gracefully.

From Jezebel:

The UK tabloid the Daily Mirror has a story up today about “real age” vs. “body age”, by which they mean, how many years a person has added on (or taken off) because of his or her lifestyle choices. As examples, the Mirror uses big boozers like Amy Winehouse (real age, 21; body age, 31) and Britney Spears (real age, 25; body age, 30) as cautionary examples of how excess can age a person and celebs like Madonna (real age, 48; body age, 35) as examples of what good-living can do. The story also includes a helpful quiz so readers can figure out how soon to slash their wrists or not.

Real age: 26
Body age: 16 … that probably is the same for brain age too, if it were tested.

What’s your body age Quiz


2 Responses to aging. gracefully.

  1. Wes says:

    “How many friends can you share problems with?”
    “How many hugs and kisses do you get a week?”

    This quiz was not designed for or by anyone with a penis.

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