bean. bound.

Heading to the Bean soon, and Debra (sucks to BU!) has been kind enough to make a list of notables in the area. Feel free to add to the list.

Harvard Ave bars that I like:
The White Horse — the type of bar that has something for everybody. My favorite in college Big City — next door to White Ho. Good nachos Sunset Grille — on the other side of WH. Something like a bazillion beers. good greasy food.

Wonder Bar sucks

Our House — great vibe — and board games, including Connect Four

Brookline stops (all pretty close to the C-line)
Anna’s Taquiera — Best Mexican food ever and practically free

Boca Grande is also very good (and close to you)

Zaftig’s — best brunch

Vinnie Testas — really good Italian food

Brookline Booksmith — if you like books go here

Wing-It — WINGS!!!

JP Licks — Boston’s best ice cream — there are a few locations, Brookline, Newbury Street, Tremont Street

Angora — excellent frozen yogurt (I believe Ankara, around Kenmore Square and maybe other locations) is owned by the same people and also has very good FY. This one is super close to where you’ll be.

If you like pad thai, I suggest Brown Sugar Café (beware: it’s 100% BU territory)

got any others?


3 Responses to bean. bound.

  1. qotd says:

    DP: omg is barbie on the T1 picking up dog poo?
    Cybil: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DP: she’s got a POOPER SCOOPER

  2. terriers?! says:

    Harry’s Bar & Grill
    1430 Commonwealth Ave
    Brighton, MA 02135

  3. debra quote says:

    I have another food suggestion: Carlo’s in Allston. It’s kind of a hole in the wall, but it’s really good.

    Ignore the one-star review. That person clearly goes to BC.

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